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Quality equine dentistry and acupuncture performed safely at your facility.

Burgin Veterinary Services is based in North Texas and offers completely mobile equine dental and acupuncture services to the surrounding areas. Our mobile, hydraulic horse stock allows us to provide equine dentistry to anywhere within North Texas with prior arrangements. 


Our goal is to provide high quality mobile veterinary equine dental care and acupuncture through a dedication to professionalism, modern equipment, proven techniques and continuing education.

Burgin Veterinary Services' top priority is to help our customers' horses live productive, healthy lives. Our practice provides safe, routine dental maintenance through odontoplasty (teeth floating) with state-of-the-art power instruments, proper sedation, and safe patient restraint at your facility. Our practice also offers veterinary medical acupuncture as a complementary therapy to the quality western veterinary medicine that your regular veterinarian provides. 


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